Ann Aubrey Hanson

Memoir Editing

Memoir writing is a highly personal endeavor, one that often takes great courage to begin. I am always aware of that courage, and of the sanctity of your story. My task is to help you to tell your story, and to find your true voice in doing so.

  • Lessons Learned: How Family and Farm Life Guided My Future Success, by Len Kube (2010).
  • Eldercare: Precious Presence, by Dr. Alex Kodiath (2010).
  • Precious Legacy: A Family’s Flight from Hungary, by Maria Csanadi (2009, Grafikus).
  • Under a Triumphant Sky: A Bike across America Story, by Steven Garufi (2014, Steve Garufi).
  • Imprint: An Apprenticeship of the Soul, by Marcus B. Sorensen (2014, Chaos Pilots).
  • A Cold July in Cuba: Recollections of My Father, a Revolutionary, by Ray Ledon (2018, Advantage Media Group).

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