Ann Aubrey Hanson

Levels of Editing

I offer various levels of editing:


The book has been outlined and you have a good idea of where to go with the story. Perhaps you even have a first draft written. Now we work together to address character development, plots and storyline, and creating the perfect story. This is sometimes a difficult experience for a new writer, but it will pay enormous dividends at the end. Throughout this cycle, I will be constantly aware that it is your book. My job is to help you to perfect it.


The book has been written, the characters are developed, the document is complete, and some editing has happened. At this stage, depending on the quality of the writing, I may suggest moderate rewriting and reorganization. It is my task to help you make the writing as clear and coherent as possible, which means I will often question exactly what you meant to say in a particular sentence, paragraph, or chapter.


The story is where you want it to be, and it needs only a mechanical edit. This involves the correction of misspellings, punctuation errors, and formatting errors, plus correction of grammar, word usage, capitalization, and formatting. I will also check for any glaring errors in the story.


The final stage of the editing process, when I polish your prose, preparing it to submit to an agent or to a digital press. I make sure there are no errors in spelling, grammar, or punctuation. You want your manuscript to be professionally polished when you send it into the world.

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