Ann Aubrey Hanson

Catholic Editing

Catholic writers require a specific knowledge set in addition to editing expertise. Specifically, they need a Catholic editor who understands the faith at a deep level. As a lifelong practicing Catholic, I offer a deep knowledge of the Roman Catholic faith, along with knowledge of many non-Catholic Christian faiths. Whether Catholic or not, if you have a religious book, my task is to help you to create a powerful manuscript to support your ideas. Among the Catholic books I have edited are:

  • The Church in the Flesh, by Ida Friederike Görres, translated by Jennifer S. Bryson (2020, Cluny Media).
  • A Case for the Eucharist, by Dennis Lambert (2021, TBP).
  • Short Stories of the Divine Mercy, by Mark Endres (2020, Marians of the Immaculate Conception).
  • Living in the Light of the Face of God: Created to Live a Spiritual Face-to-Face Relationship with God, by William Simons (2021, TBP).
  • The Capstone, by Joshua Stone (2022, TBP).
  • The Final Kingdom, by Joshua Stone (2021, TBP).
  • With This Veil, We Pray, by Virginia Pride (2021, TBP)
  • Hidden Paths: Science as a Pathway to the Creator, by George Santamarina (2019).
  • The Church: Christ in the World Today, author and editor Ann Aubrey Hanson (2010, St. Mary's Press).
  • The Seven Big Myths About the Church: Distinguishing Fact from Fiction about Catholicism, by Christopher Kaczor (2013, Ignatius Press).
  • A Defense of Dignity: Creating Life, Destroying Life, and Protecting the Rights of Conscience, by Christopher Kaczor (2013, University of Notre Dame Press).
  • Eldercare: Precious Presence, by Dr. Alex Kodiath (2010).
  • O Rare Ralph McInerny: Stories and Reflections on a Legendary Notre Dame Professor, by Christopher Kaczor (2010, St. Augustine Press).
  • The Ethics of Abortion: Women's Rights, Human Life, and the Question of Justice, by Christopher Kaczor (2010, Routledge Press).
  • Nobility, Faith and Masculinity: The Hospitaller Knights of Malta (1580-1700), by Emanuel Buttigieg (2010, Continuum).
  • Hidden Paths: Science as a Pathway to the Creator, by George Santamarina (2019).
  • Personhood and Presence: Self as a Resource for Spiritual and Pastoral Care, by Ewan Kelly (2011, T&T Clark).
  • Vigilant Powers: Three Churches of Early Medieval Armenia, by Christina Maranci (2015, Brepols Press).

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