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Writing Coach and Mentor

Fiction • Nonfiction • Memoir

I work with nascent writers as well as published authors, helping them to write to the best of their abilities, encouraging while providing the nuts-and-bolts guidance necessary for them to achieve their writing goals. Whether working on mystery novels, sci-fi, historical fiction, or memoirs, I patiently and calmly critique the writing, making general suggestions for editing and providing specific pointers for improvement.

Often, writers wait until they have finished a first draft before seeking the help of an editor. I suggest that you seek an editor/writing mentor early in the process, to help you avoid going down blind alleys and pursuing wrong paths. With my background in teaching fiction writing, I know how to help develop a writer's voice. I offer fiction writing tips on
The Writing Itch, my editing and fiction writing blog.

Through the process of conducting numerous memoir writing workshops, I have developed the art of pulling story from life, guiding writers to see the big picture of their lives, while cultivating the details that create that picture. With my guidance, many memoir writers have successfully fashioned their life stories into compelling books. I offer memoir-writing tips on
A Why to Live, my memoir-writing blog.

Knowing how daunting writing can be, I walk beside my writer-clients every step of the way in the creative process, encouraging and guiding, never simply accepting that the writing is "as good as it will get." I challenge my clients to reach beyond what they think they can do, and to achieve their very best.