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"I will say, with memoir, you must be honest. You must be truthful." Elie Wiesel

Memoir Book Editing

You are born. You live a life. You die. Those facts are the same for every single human being. Three facts, three identical aspects of life.

But that is all we will ever share identically with others
. From the moment we take our first breath to the moment we take our last, our lives are unique. No other being will experience life exactly as we do. Our story is our legacy. We might put aside riches, businesses, and other pieces of legacy, but our story will outlive us and outlast all physical possessions, if only in the sands of time.

What if you want to preserve that legacy in book form? Writing your memoir is your best option, allowing you to tell your story as YOU remember it. A biography or autobiography is beholden to facts; a memoir is beholden to memory, which sometimes overrides facts. A great memoir is your story, written with truth.

It often takes great courage to begin writing your story. I am always aware of that courage, and of the sanctity of your memories. My task is to help you to tell your story, and to find your true voice in doing so.

  • Broken Chains of an Inmate Firefighter, by Thomas Cronin (2023).
  • Acres of Oak: A Pastor Rethinks Church in the 21st Century, by Richard R. Kurrasch (2023).
  • Lessons Learned: How Family and Farm Life Guided My Future Success, by Len Kube (2010).
  • The Star Chamber of Stanford: On the Secret Trial and Invisible Persecution of a Stanford Law Fellow, by Rony Guldman (2021).
  • Eldercare: Precious Presence, by Dr. Alex Kodiath (2010).
  • Precious Legacy: A Family’s Flight from Hungary, by Maria Csanadi (2009, Grafikus).
  • Under a Triumphant Sky: A Bike across America Story, by Steven Garufi (2014, Steve Garufi).
  • Imprint: An Apprenticeship of the Soul, by Marcus B. Sorensen (2014, Chaos Pilots).
  • A Cold July in Cuba: Recollections of My Father, a Revolutionary, by Ray Ledon (2018, Advantage Media Group).
  • Thirty Missions to Marie: The True Story of a WWII Lead Bombardier, Edouard J. Jacques, His Missions, His Crew, and the Girl He Left Behind, by Arthur G. Capaldi (2019, Gatekeeper Press).

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